Saturday, March 3, 2012



For the last couple of days we've been shopping around
for another radio for the truck. I hadn't really planned
to buy a radio til the one we had got stolen. And I didn't want to spend
a fortune on a new one with all the features the old one had.
Every place we went to had radios for $80 on up to over $100.
Today we stopped in Walmart on Bethel Rd. We saw all the radios
they had displayed and could play while there. Of course
all of those were over $100 and I was getting frustrated
with trying to find one in our price range.
I was ready to leave when I spotted ONE radio on the shelf
and it was marked down. Originally $150 on sale for $40!!
$110 off which was almost 75% off!! Someone was looking
out for me that's for sure because I was tired of
looking for one and would rather have silence in the
truck before forking out $100 for another radio.

Everything this stereo comes with-

-200 watts
-cd, am/fm
-remote control
-auxilary input
-USB input
-front panel Ipod connection
-able to play mp3's and wma's
(recordings on CDR's & CDR-W's)
-built in bluetooth wireless technology
-bluetooth microphone
-2 speakers
-USB & Auxilary cords
-Ipod control
-removable faceplate with carrying case


Supper tonight-

2- 12 count pkgs honey BBQ chicken wings with french fries.

each 12 count pkg of wings was $5.99 x's 2 is $11.98
I got them for $1.99 each x's 2 is $3.98.
Saved $8.00 by shopping the mark downs at Kroger deli.

1/2 bag french fries .64 cents
($1.28 for a large bag of Kroger Extra Value shoestring fries)
ketchup (.05 cents)
Italian seasoning (free)
garlic powder (free)
1 cup shredded mozarella cheese (.94 cents)

Bake fries. Then drizzle with ketchup, italian
seasoning then mozarella cheese. Return to oven
to melt cheese.

I figured if people have wings and pizza together
I could make wings and pizza flavored fries.



I've still been working on plans for my laundry room.
Nothing that will happen overnight and will take me awhile
to do. No one seemed to like the blue and yellow I wanted
to do in the laundry room thinking it would be too dark.
I have now changed the color scheme to Shabby Chic
with white/cream, pink and light green. Patterns will
be roses, plaid and gingham. These fabrics will
be used on the back walls of the pantry shelves
using a mod podge. I have always loved the shabby chic
look with the pinks and light greens and creams so it
all just seems to just make sense to do it this way.
Much lighter than the blue and yellows with an
open and airy feeling.

I plan to paint the shelves and around the shelves
a creamy white color. Then for each shelf I wanted
to add an edging of lace.

Here is the fabric I have collected so far from
the thrift store. (Hint- I carry pieces of each fabric
in my purse to find the right colors and make sure they
match with one another)

While in Walmart I snatched up a bunch of paint
sample cards for free. Mostly the colors called
Seafoam (green) and Budding Romance (pink).
This is where it also helped to have those fabric
sample pieces in your purse to compare colors to.
Using Mod Podge I place to make a checkered wall border
with them running half way down the wall.
Here they are in different patterns. Not true to color.

I also found a small bottle of iridescent paint at
the thrift store for .50 cents and some lace
ribbon marked down to .90 cents for the roll.

When cleaning on the basement last year I found a bag of clear Christmas bulb ornaments. I think I got these off freecycle awhile ago.
I would like to paint the clear ornaments with the
iridescent paint. Then hang the bulbs with clear fishing line
from the ceiling in the laundry room as decorations.
I want them to look like bubbles.

Here are some inspirational photos I have gathered
to get ideas from for the laundry room.


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