Wednesday, March 21, 2012



They said gas would hit the $4 come Spring. They didn't waste
no time with that did they considering yesterday was the first
day of Spring and gas is $3.99 this morning.

Another warm one today at about 83 degrees. I think the
normal temp for this time of year is 49 degrees.
We're only 33 degrees above normal.
We hit a record high yesterday. I think the last record
set was at around 78 degrees. Not sure what the high got
to yesterday but I know in the truck the temperature said
it was 84 degrees out.

They were asking on channel 28 how many people turned on their
air conditioners. Sure it was a little humid in here yesterday
but I couldn't see turning the AC on in March! AC and furnace
on in one week? I don't think so. Trying to keep the utilities
down for the moment. Gotta love it when the gas bill comes
and it's about $49. I don't think we saw anything higher
than $60 for a gas bill this Winter. A normal Winter would
run us $100 to $150 a month. Now Tony did run the AC in
his car yesterday. I saw a lot of people running AC's in their cars
with the windows up. Not me. When we went out on an emergency
maintenance call last night I had the windows down and no AC on.
Even though hubby went off call as of Monday he still took it
for a couple hours last night for another maintenance guy who
had a bowling league. The call wasn't nothing to worry about
but hey it was overtime. The lady said she had a leaking toilet
when it ended up being that the toilet had condensation.

Well I've got Bible study this morning then will come home
and chill. No working on the basement today unless Tony
wants to cut me a few boards tonight and that would be about
the extent of it.

I can't wait til Friday. All I have been thinking about
is the church sale, lol. My first sale of the year.
Knowing that they have .25 cents a bag for clothes,
I started going through some clothes last night weeding
some out to make room for some "new".

I noticed mom's church started having a free food and clothing
event one time a month. I'm hoping that I can donate
all our weeded out clothing to this.

I hate this time of year when you have two seasons of clothing
out. I just started getting out shorts and t-shirts for
everyone which are stored in the basement. I don't have
much closet space and have to rotate the seasonal clothing
in the closets. I haven't put Winter coats and gloves away.
Sure as I do it would probably snow. We do live in Ohio
and the saying is, if you don't like the weather, stick
around 5 minutes, it will change. I have seen snow
and 70 degree temps around here before in one week.
And we have seen snow in April. So don't count your
chickens before they hatch.



Went to Bible study. It was just me and mom today.
After we stopped by Kroger. This other Kroger is also
remodeling. And with remodeling comes more marked down items.

Deals I got today at Kroger-

-can of pumpkin
was $2.49
paid .50 cents

-4 boxes of cross-tie trash bags
was $2.29 each
paid .49 cents each

-14 boxes fruit pectin
was $1.79 each
paid .25 cents each

-2 cans chicken
was $3.99 each
paid $1.25 each

-3 Chi Chi's thick & chunky salsa
was $3.19 each
paid .90 cents each

-Zicam cold remedy
was $12.00
paid $4.00

-2 pounds chuck shoulder steak
(making beef jerky with it)
was $7.53
paid $5.03

-Berry Burst Oreos
(found a kroger coupon on ground for a free pack!)
was $2.98
paid FREE

-StarKist tuna pouch
(got a catalina coupon for a free pouch)
was $1.49
paid FREE

-5 count Allegra allergy tablets (not pictured)
(catalina coupon for free allegra up to $6.49)
was $7.39
paid .90 cents


Here are some other freebies Tony got from work.

18 packs of oriental flavored ramen noodles. (found)

Husky 13 piece precision screwdriver set battery operated.
(supervisor gave it to him for free) Tony gave this to me.

I'm slowly getting a collection of my own tools.
For Christmas Tony got me a screwdriver with assorted bits.
Someone at his work gave me a level and flashlight for free.
My step-dad gave me a DeWalt drill with 2 batteries & charger.
And now I got this screwdriver set.
Momma's need their own tools especially when dad is
taking all his to work and kids have lost the basic
ones around here.


For lunch mom was telling me about Popeye's Chicken
having an 8 piece chicken for $5.99 today only.
Stopped in there and bought her and my step-dad
one of those for lunch. I also got an 8 piece for our supper tonight.
Mom also gave me 2 pieces of chicken out of theirs.
So we will have 10 pieces of chicken for supper.
I'll probably save those two extra pieces to put in Tony's
lunch for Thursday. Think I'll serve up some mashed potatoes
and corn as sides.



Well I went ahead and got the two main vertical boards
glued in place on the second cantry. I sure hope all this works out
in the end because I had a warped stud along with two
slightly warped 1" x 4" boards. They were two boards I found
so trying to make do with those freebies.
In this cantry I am making two rows of canned goods
and the last row will be for ramen noodle packages.


I thought this was interesting as I just found out about
it through someone on Facebook and decided to research it
a little further to see what it was about.

The 188 day earthquake cycle “Quakings Warning”

The last four major earthquakes have each been 188 days apart. Will this continue?

Tomorrow will be 188 days since the last one.
But did that earthquake arrive early on March 20th
in Mexico
? Will wait and see if there is another
major earthquake tomorrow. I hope not!

The odds of four mega earthquakes happening exactly 188 days apart has been calculated to be One in over 48 million. If it happens a fifth time on March 22, it will be…………… a 17 Billion to one!



Supper of Popeye's chicken, corn, mashed potatoes
and country gravy. I LOVE that Pioneer sausage flavored gravy.
I would have to say that is one of my favorite foods.
I put that sh*t on everything, lol.
Like the Frank's Red Hot commercial, lol.



Spring cleaning sucks! I've been working on my bedroom the last
two days pretty much tearing it apart and cleaning it top to bottom,
from walls, carpet, under bed, getting rid of all dust and debris.
Tomorrow I might go through our closet and start weeding out more
clothes. Whew, it sure is getting warm in here. Thermostat says
82 degrees. Going to go finish up the bedroom for today then
might head out and get some McD's sundaes for a buck to wind down
the day. Didn't get any more wood cut for shelves due to working in the bedroom.
I got a To Do list a mile long! Housework should be considered
exercising with the sweat I am working up. Wouldn't it be nice
to loose about 10 pounds just from housework?!



Went out and got a few sundaes at McD's. When we got home I noticed
the string was not tied around our gate. We have a shoe string around
both gates to keep the wind from blowing them open. Plus when we get home
and see the string undone we know something's up. I don't even think we
were gone an hour and arrived home to see the string missing.
While thieves will close and lock the gate, they always forget
to put the string back.

We let me tell ya these teenagers weren't coming over for a friendly visit!
They know our vehicles and knew we weren't home when the
Suburban is not parked under the carport. That is when they strike.
They were looking to steal a bicycle(s). They are part of a few
that are known to do it. The problem is trying to catch them at it.
Lucky for us, tonight the security light scared them off.
After we got home and pulled in the driveway, two teenage girls
came over to say their bicycles had just been stolen about
five minutes before.

While no one else noticed, I saw that there was actually three
people in the video. The one I know, that I have nicknamed troublemaker,
doesn't do the dirty work. He is the informer and the lookout
so you won't see him up close. He is standing on the side of the house
while his friends scope out our place.

We are thinking about doing a set up to try and catch them in the act
of stealing a bike. Thinking about Tony staying home with lights out,
setting a bait bike (ok I watch bait car to call it that, lol)
in the driveway like we left it there accidentally, and
I'll drive off with the kids and make it look like we all

Most of the neighborhood is tired of all the crap.
We all look out for one another but I'm bound determined
to catch the SOB's this year to put an end to it!!!
The cops told me I needed video as proof of who's doing
it so bring it on now that I have them. I still need to
set up our fourth camera and I know just where I want to put it.
It's only a matter of time they get caught.

The SOB's stole our basketball net tonight but I
couldn't get a good view on the camera of it.

I still haven't set the DVR ahead an hour so it's
actually 8:27 that this happened not 7:27.


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