Thursday, March 15, 2012



Preparing eggs for freezing-

I took 1 dozen large eggs and broke them all
into a greased muffin tin. I then took a steak
knife and broke up the yolks.
Next I took a cup with a little velveeta cheese
and a couple tablespoons of ranch dressing and put
it into the microwave to melt down. Remove
from microwave and stir til creamy and dressing
is combined with cheese. Spoon dollops of cheese
into center of eggs in pan.
Bake 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Once baked allow to cool then put into
freezer zip bags and put into the freezer.

Remove eggs as needed for breakfasts or slice for sandwiches.
Put into microwave for 20 or so seconds
til heated.

This will make some mornings go by so much faster
with already made eggs. No having to get out
a skillet, crack open some eggs and fry them up.

To remove any excess air from a zip bag-
Zip bag most of the way up, insert a drinking straw
into the bag and suck the remaining air out and
quickly zip bag up.



I've been working on putting many things into canning
jars for storage-
different varieties of beans,
chocolate chips, bark and melts,
dehydrated potatoes,
dehydrated apples,
along with whatever else I have forgot.
It all becomes a blur after while, lol.

I would love to get the rest of my shelves made
this weekend sometime. It would mean another trip
to Menards. Not sure how many boards I will need
for this project so I buy only a couple at a time.
One board should be free because I got a Menards rebate
in the mail this week. Their rebates only can be used
in the store. I think it's like $2.37.

I've already told the kids we're spending Spring and
Summer break getting the basement done this year.
It'll be 4 years mid June that we have been in our home.
This should have already been done. So that's my goal.



I'm amazed I didn't kill myself lugging tons of
filled canning jars to the basement. I did a couple
trips using a large fabric shopping bag that was
VERY heavy! The only jars I have left to fill
at the moment are the small jelly jars.
I have about 4-5 bags of different varieties
of chocolate, white, peanut butter and mint chips to do.
I think I'm going to fix that one shelf in the second
row, half way down, to fill in that gap this weekend.
Move the bottom three shelves up some so
that way I can store larger items on the bottom.



I'm done stocking my shelves for today.
I got 37 boxes of Jello put on the shelves
along with the different baking chips.
This sure is a lot of work and I hope it
is so worth it in the end with organizing



Just got done making 2 batches of dry laundry detergent,
one for me and one for mom. The recipe can be found HERE.
The only difference I did was not to add essential oils
and I added 3.5 packs of lemonade koolaid (WITHOUT SUGAR) per
each batch because I only had 7 packs in my pantry.
This does 80 light loads at 1 Tablespoon per load or
40 heavy loads at 2 Tablespoons per load.
That's per each container below.
While it is much cheaper to make your own laundry detergent
it is also great for those who have sensitive skin
and perfume allergies. You can also make a similar version
of this like Dreft or Ivory Snow. Just replace the Fels Naptha
bar soap with one bar of Ivory soap grated up.


We stopped in hubby's work earlier tonight. I dug around
in their trash cans looking for some scrap wood pieces
to make a can bin, a potato and an onion bin
in my pantry shelves area. Remember I'm trying to do
this whole project for as cheap as possible so
trash cans are not off limits to me, lol. Trying to get everything rounded
up by this weekend. Still need a bunch of screw for this
project. Hoping hubby can get those from work since
I forgot them tonight. Hubby also said they've been getting
pallets of mulch in that the groundsmen have been doing.
BUT they've been tossing the pallets in the dumpsters.
Will try and locate those dumpsters so I can possibly
salvage them to use for my shelves this weekend.
Once again, free is good in my book.


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