Thursday, March 22, 2012



Have a small home?
Turn any space into valuable storage space!
I turned this...

Into this...

Yeah, I got the second can pantry done this morning.

I got to looking at the last couple of rows that need done
for cleaning supplies when an idea hit me.
What if I could find dowels or some sort of tension
rods and put up in some areas instead of shelves
to hang spray cleaning bottles from.

Here's an inspirational photo of that idea
but several rods would be used in between the wall studs.



Spent this afternoon still cleaning on our bedroom.
I weeded out clothes I no longer need and ended up
with a whole boxful to donate.

This evening me and Tony will work on the video cameras
adding another one outside and rearranging one that
I would like moved into another spot. Then if we
have time we are going to start cutting down Pompass grass.
Not fun for me as I need to wear long sleeves to do that
or else I will break out if the stuff touches my skin.



Heading to bed soon. Spent this evening adding another
camera outside and relocating another camera.
Oh yeah and we also finally took down our Christmas lights, lol.
We also siliconed some cracks and wires leading into
our basement. When we get heavy rain downpours we get
a bunch of water leaking in all over the breaker box.
Not good I know. Last year we had to replace the one
main breaker which went bad because of this.
We lost power to half of our home.

I am prepared for tomorrow's church sale. You learn
your lesson over the years of attending these sales
to start bringing a rolling tote. I end up snatching
up a lot of good deals that I can't carry. I've tried
the route of leaving items at the main table where
the cashiers sit and they say they'll watch the items for you.
Yeah they watch them, watch them leave with someone else!
Knowing I'll get a bunch of those .25 cents a bag for clothes
I know my rolling tote won't be big enough for all those
bags so came up with this idea, hee hee-
I added a cut up cardboard box to extend my hauling
space on my tote. This is my favorite church sale
because they have items for very cheap and I can
come out of there with the back end of my truck full.
Do I plan to be one of the first people in line when they
open their doors, NO! That is just crazy. I'll go about
a half hour or so after it opens. Way too many people
all at once in that place trying to push you around.
I might take mom out to breakfast after I get the
last child on the bus before heading over there.

There was a pretty partial rainbow this evening.
It spat a few raindrops here but we still worked through
it all trying to get things done.

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